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At home a short history of private life is a history of domestic life written by bill brysonit was published in may 2010 the book covers topics of the commerce architecture technology and geography that have shaped homes into what they are today told through a series of tours through brysons norfolk rectory that quickly digress into the history of each particular roomat home a short history of private life bill bryson on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers in these pages the beloved bill bryson gives us a fascinating history of the modern home taking us on a room by room tour through his own house and using each room to explore the vast history of the domestic artifacts we take for grantedwell that wasnt very at home at all quite frankly but hey it was still good in at home a short history of private life bill bryson that transient american brit is in england for this look at the house that thing humans use to keep the rain off their heads if youve ever gone out for a drive youve probably seen onebill brysons bestselling books include a walk in the woods now a major motion picture starring robert redford and nick nolte notes from a small island im a stranger here myself in a sunburned country a short history of nearly everything which earned him the 2004 aventis prize the life and times of the thunderbolt kid at home and one summerat home a short history of private life by bill bryson illustrated 497 pp doubleday 2895 dominique browning the author of the memoir slow love writes a column for the

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